Started out of a garage by a mother-son duo, YoungU quickly captured attention from onlookers because of their quirky t-shirt designs that struck a chord with people’s sentiments of Kolkata. They have infused Indian motifs, Bengali literature, local comics, folk stories, famous Bengali paintings and people, in their designs that wholly represents Kolkata’s Street.

The batik and tie-dye tees are produced in-house on a small terrace by a group of ladies that are strong, friendly, and driven. They advocate the importance of handcraft as an avenue to provide jobs to women who are burdened by the society to stay at home. The graphic prints are designed in-house by various local artists that have an intrinsic love and connection to the culture. A true representation of the reasons for Bengal being hailed the cultural capital of India, their story has a sweetness that can only be rivalled by Bengali sweets. 

The EMS x YoungU is a special collaboration that represents ethnics tones, figures, ideas, and colors that have been intertwined in Indian culture. We wanted to bring light to the rich heritage of our culture in an easy, accessible, and inclusive way. This is the first of many collaborations. Be a part of the culture!