Men's Face Care

This collection is designed to cleanse, shave, treat, and protect men's skin with Volcanic Earth's skin healing and anti-ageing facial care products - PURE and NATURAL for every man.  Badges for Skin Care Line

Some of the key ingredients used in the products are:

  • Tamanu Oil: a certified organic, skin rejuvenating agent that is fast, effective, and natural. 
  • Volcanic Pumice Powder: superfine, high mineral content, and is naturally formed. It requires no chemicals to process the granules and acts as a great exfoliant. 
  • Virgin Coconut Oil: renowned for its skin moisturizing qualities. 
  • Volcanic Mineral Clays: purest volcanic clays to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. The clays are mined deep below the earth's surface and contain high mineral content and are pure and natural.
  • Essential Oils: The Bay west essential oil has anti-neuralgic, antiseptic, and antibiotic qualities that assist with breakouts and razor burns on your skin. Clove oil is very effective in fighting acne because it controls Staph Aureus which is the main cause of soft skin tissue and skin infections. While, the oil of Patchouli helps in wound healing, skin regeneration, anti-inflammatory and scar reducing properties. It also works to tighten and tone sagging skin, as well as has many aphrodisiac effects.