Formal Shoes

Shoes either make or break your outfit. Ever seen someone with a great tee and pants but is wearing flip flops? Yeah, the outfit is a bust. We've collected some great pieces from around the world that we think will provide an exclamation mark to your outfit. Don't miss out!

How to wear formal shoes?

Roger Vivier, the famous French fashion designer, once said, " To wear one's dreams on one feet is to begin to give reality to one's dreams." Shoes don't just affect your style, or the way you move, but the right kind of shoes will make you feel like you're on walking on clouds. They shape, and impact your dreams. How great you feel is exuded as positive energy outwards into the world, and world will resonate back with you. The world will be your playground, but in this playground you're dressed well. 

In our store, we provide you with only the best shoes. We want our shoes to be your favorite pair of shoes. Which, when you put on, makes you feel whole. In an attempt to help you find your favorite pair of shoes we have written a guideline for you to follow when it comes to finding the best pair of shoes for your purpose. 

There are 5 main kinds of shoes that you should care about and how you should wear them:

Oxford Shoes

Oxfords are one of the most popular formal shoes since it's inception. It is the most basic and timeless, that got it's name from it's place of inception, Oxford University. Popular for it's minimalism and clean silhouette but differentiated by it's "closed lacing", it is perfect for everyday wear or apart of your office attire. For business attire shades of brown or black leather are usually the best choices. However, if you want to pair them with a tuxedo, or formal attire than we suggest black patent leather oxfords. 

Dress Boots: Chelsea, Lace, and Chukka Boots

It is a common question to ask is certain dress boots are dressy enough. To be considered dressy enough, we believe that the shoes should be sleek, with thinner laces and soles than your usual chunky casual shoes. However, these can be the perfect medium in between formal and casual. You can wear this on a Sunday client meeting, or any formal event where a formal suit would be not appropriate. 

Formal Pumps/Opera Pumps

As indicated by the name, Formal Pumps, often referred to as Opera Pumps, are a formal replacement of the oxfords. Usually made of black patented leather, they were created to wear with formal suits and tuxedos appropriate for black tie events. 

Monk Straps

It finds it's origins from monks who wanted to replace sandals with something more appropriate, these shoes are unique and a great substitute to shoes without laces. They usually come in single or double straps that are silver, brass or gold in color. Wear only in special events such as a office party, and make sure that the strap color matches with that of your belt buckle, tie bar, cufflinks, and your wristwatch. 


The most common footwear within men's formal footwear is the comfortable, stylish, and easy to put on or off, loafers. Loafers can be worn casually or formally, and they come in different colors, materials, and decorations. They usually come with tassels, belts or some some kind of accessory on the saddle. One of our favorite loafers are these suede slip-on loafers that have a black and white patchwork and beautiful black tassel. Another great pair of loafers include these beautiful black loafers with vibrant graffiti prints.