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What are some cool gift ideas for men?

What are some cool gift ideas for men? Getting a gift for a man is considered to be relatively difficult, especially if you are trying to come up with something unique. However, this is not to say that men are not as picky as women. So, if you want them grinning ear-to-ear when they get their gift then here is a list of cool and unique gift ideas for men.


If it is a bit chilly outside, then a scarf comes in handy. It is a fashion statement that sets one apart from the others. Trendy and suave, a scarf can be a great gift for someone who wants to follow the latest fashion trends. Read our blog article on the art of layering using scarves.

Smart Charger

A must-have gift for everyone out there—this simple, yet efficient accessory helps in preventing any damage to the phone due to overcharging. Its ‘auto disconnect’ function helps in disengaging the phone when completely charged, thus prolonging the device's battery life in the long run.

Shoe Deodorant

One can easily wash his socks but what about the shoes? They are as important as any other garment when it comes to hygiene. A shoe deodorant would help in controlling the smell by killing bacteria and absorbing moisture. 

Versatile Keychain

What if there is more than one way to use a keychain than just holding keys? A versatile keychain helps in carrying pills and cigarettes along with the keys. This is a gift that any man would please to have!

Wine Rack

For a man with an extensive wine collection at home, this is an ideal gift. This elegant, classy and sophisticated design helps in storing the bar products in a very decorative manner. We have a great wine rack in a honeycomb design that is perfect for a home bar.

Laptop Sleeve

A cool gift for the modern men out there—this laptop sleeve is helpful in protecting the laptop from any wear and tear. It is not only scratch-resistant and water-resistant but also shock-proof and dust-proof. Furthermore, its leather sleeve gives it a modern and trendy edge.

Wine Stopper

A unique gift for a man with elegance, a wine stopper helps in pouring of wine in an improved manner and preventing leakage and dripping. Its unique design makes it fitting for bottles of any kind and size, making it convenient for single-handed operations. Our stag head wine stopper is not only very functional but is also extremely aesthetic. 

World Map

For the men out there with an impeccable sense of aesthetics, this is a perfect gift. A world map poster painted on Kraft paper surely captures the vintage aura and makes the room artistically pleasing.

Anti-theft Backpack

Does he carry a backpack around all the time? If yes, an anti-theft backpack is just the right thing for him. With an extra amount of security and zippers that no one but he can reach, and hidden pockets and anti-cut fabrics, this is a good investment when it comes to gifts. So, what are you waiting for?

Surprise the men in your life with these gifts and see the joy on their face!